A Cool Climate Creation

Certain days are just Syrah or Shiraz specific, that is what I would like to believe. This article embodies a beautiful experience I had during one of the many rainy lockdown days. It was an absolutely stunning day, to crack open, a beautiful bottle of Syrah. Do not fret, I remember doing it as elegantly as ever.

As an avid Syrah or Shiraz wine drinker, expertise honed by judging on the Shiraz SA wine panel, I must say that I was delighted by the wine of my day. I had the luxury of enjoying the

Creation 2017 Reserve Syrah. A fantastic wine to warm your heart on a cold wintery day. Syrah, "known for famously making great, dark wines in its Northern Rhone Valley home." The Creation 2017 Syrah Reserve does not live short from this heritage for a minute. My palate yearns for flavor profiles that are most reminiscent of my past. Things like blackcurrant, blackberry, and dark cherries enhance great childhood memories.

The wine itself is amply fragrant with all of these loved blackberries while showcasing a beautiful amount of pepper and liquorice. I love the whiffs of violet that shows in the glass elegantly interwoven with notes of oak and cloves. With a 100% Syrah grapes, our dear Gerhard Smith did a phenomenal duty to me, so I encourage those who love the sound of the tasting notes to get a few bottles and keep them closer than you would an enemy.

For those who require a nudge down the road of technical analysis, the wine comprises of a PH of 3.59 an RS of 2.1g/l, and a t.a of 6.g/l. Syrah, "known for famously making great, dark wines in its Northern Rhone Valley home " Creation 2017 Reserve Syrah, available at Wine Concepts 50 Kloof Street, Gardens Cape Town & Carolines fine wine in Strand Street via her online shop and at the Creation farm in Walker Bay

Hermanus all week except for Tuesday's and Wednesday visit

The concise world atlas of wine- 6thedition Hugh Johnson & Jancis Robinson by Mitchell Beazley
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