An Estate to explore, but first wine!

In the heart of Durbanville Valley, you will find the celebrated Bloemendal Wine Estate, merely 30 minutes from Cape Town. The farm is established in 1702 and is one of the largest wine farms in the region.

The Estate triumphs of producing award-winning wines. I had to put my palate to at least two of them, and since the Sauvignon Blanc seal seems to been broken why not make the Waterlily Sauvignon Blanc one of them. This was a perfect choice for an afternoon that boasted 28 degrees in Muizenberg. The wine was beautiful and fragrant with notes of tropical fruit, pepper, and lemon zest, which gave the wine much-required freshness for the time of day. During vinification the bunches are pressed whole and left overnight with the enzymes, the juices are inoculated with selected yeast strains to begin fermentation in stainless steel tanks at 12°C. This secures a distinctive aroma and a well-balanced, structured palate. Great for pairing with those fresh Summer Salads.

The second wine deserved a seat at the dinner table, it was a simple dinner but crammed with flavor, roasted chicken legs, and lentil stew on Basmati rice. The Tierberg Syrah 2014

produced off a single vineyard, has excitingly shown me its multi-faceted identity. Making this an ideal wine for me at dinner. I succumbed to the bright aroma of clove, ground pepper, and fruit that notes of black cherry on the nose. The wine has resting well and can still gon for 1-2 years. With this aging period, the wine has to lead to a subtle palate with juicy tannin that remains elegant and in the equilibrium of the rest of the wine style. The wine is a true gem and surely a great

purchase for anyone who can, as this is a limited edition with only 3932 bottles produced.

Visit the tasting room for a wine tasting between 10 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday and 11 am - 3 pm on Sundays and Public Holidays. Email or Call and book your visit, 066 340 8392, and share your Bloemendal moments online. To dine at Bon Amis, consider making a booking to avoid disappointment,

Call 021 976 2682 or email

Don't forget, Stay safe, Wear your mask and wash your hands

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