I only wanted wine, but I found the Black Swan

I neglect how sensational essences are when they are joined in equilibrium. Steenberg The Black Swan Sauvignon Blanc 2019, ensured to remind me of this. I also did not anticipate to have a complete change of heart towards Sauvignon Blanc. My dear friend Aubrey Ngcungama chairperson of the Black Cellar Club and owner of Vula Africa would be so proud to learn, that this lass is no longer Sauvignon Blanc Shy.

Sauvignon Blanc has regularly been the varietal I shied away from, I never believed that it was produced to enjoy on its own. Whilst I served as a wine Sommelier, in service of the most prestigious Chefs in South Africa, in the likes of Garth Almazan, Mike Basset, and Rudy

Liebenberg amongst others. I was always challenged to pair the most intricate foods and often Sauvignon Blanc in its variable state would be what I would reach out to. The worst thing is, often when I cooked something at home, I find myself wondering why I never bought Sauvignon Blanc as an at-home delight, but to remember I, hated the stuff, then unknowingly that I have just not found the correct style for my palate.

It simply takes the right wine to leave a person wanting. Steenberg The Black Swan Sauvignon Blanc is a blend from the top two Sauvignon Blanc Vineyards on Steenberg, and only the best fruit of the vintage was selected for this wine. The vinification process allows the grapes to be destemmed after crushing before being left on the skins for an 18-hour cold soak. The juice would then be left for 2 days before fermentation. the fermentation process is a slow and cold one which adds to the freshness of the wine, while 9 months on lees before stabilization offers body and depth to the palate.

The flavors on this wine are evident, on the nose, it shows notes of blackcurrant leaf, gunpowder, and fynbos. I enjoyed the beautiful flavors of yellow apple, lemon zest, and naartjie marmalade. Now you have to remember, as much as the flavor profiles suggest the character of the cultivar. Most of these flavors can only be identified by the association of character. A place, a dish, a fruit or a person can all stir-up these memories of the past, and so the dots to the aromas are drawn. This is a lovely food wine and also great for cellaring.

Steenberg boasts with 3 different ranges particularly known as the Fleet Range, Estate Range, and the Flagship Range. There is also a variety of Methode Cap Classique's known to many as bubbles, you can purchase these online via if you are unable to drive to the vineyard as often as I do to make mini purchases. When you plan to go to the farm, factor in enough time as you may get stuck at the tasting room, WINE TASTING: MON-SUN: 09:00 - 17:00 and WINE SALES: MON - FRI: 09:00 - 17:00.

If any of you out there were anything like me, then the time is now to make the Sauvignon Blanc drinkers happy, don't be shy, just find the correct Sauvignon Blanc for your palate.

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