Leather up & Wine!

If you are anything like me, you are likely to purchase single bottles of wine. (mine is normally for educational research, smirks), well, have you ever thought of making sure that you have a brown paper bag or a classy designer's wine/bottle bag in your arsenal so that you can stop carrying them around in your handbag? The time is now, Meet Jacqueline Govender-Zeeman, owner of Jordi & Eli and learn about her designer bags.


Jordi & Eli, a company born in 2014 and named after her two children Jordan and Elijah were born from a desire for the perfect diaper bag. By following this dream, Jacqueline has given plenty of women and even men in corporate-business more. She designs wallets, belts, and almost anything you can think could be made using leather.


Jacqueline qualified as a pre-school teacher and worked at schools in Durban and Cape Town for two years and also did a bit of Au pairing all up till 2005. After teaching, she started working at Thwarte (formerly owned by Mark Shuttleworth) in the Internet Security field in customer service. She traveled to Switzerland for 2 years with the company and returned to her home country South Africa after a few years, where she started working for another internet company. In 2010 Jacqueline was blessed with her prince charming and married, it was with the arrival of their firstborn that she decided to exchange her career robe, for a cape worn by a full-time stay at home mom.

After four years she must have had all these ideas pouring out of her, seams. Jacqueline designs the most beautiful and durable bags. My favorite was the J&E Tote bag which is currently on sale

J&E TOTE BAG, this bag is perfect for the working woman who is constantly lugging around a bit of file, paperwork, and books. The bag measures 36cm L x 30cm H x 10cm W, this makes the perfect size to hold necessities without being "ugly large". Jacqueline and her team are driven to deliver truly unique and personalized items to clients, this is done by involving the client in all aspects of the design and manufacturing process. At Jordi & Eli, you can select your leather, the lining and personalize your bag with your name or initials. Whatever the vision this is the team to turn it into reality for both an individual or corporate company.

Asking Jacqueline what makes her bags special, she says with conviction that their leather, stitching, and lining choices are among the best. She sources her leather from reputable suppliers, uses the best and most durable linings, and ensures that the stitching is always done neatly and double stitched in places that will take the brunt of handling. All bags are hand made and this, to order and could be in your hands within 4 weeks from production time depending on orders due at the particular time.

Jacqueline and her team recently made and designed a wine bottle bag, that is classy and durable. With a design that is simple and clean, this bag has become my first pick, since. It can hold 2 wine bottles (even Juice) or one wine bottle and two stemless wine glasses.


( I would order a divider too, in case I want to use this option, it will keep the lips of your glasses from chipping). There is an inside pocket for the corkscrew, (Wine Salespersons dream-bag) a zip to close the bag, and two sturdy yet comfortable handles to carry the bag.

I am delighted to share this phenomenal product with you, visit to find or design the bag that completes your day. you can also follow Jordi & Eli on Instagram and Facebook

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