The Hill Blooms at Ginger and Lime

Chef Andre Hill from the Upper Bloem restaurant, which unfortunately closed down during the Covid-19 Pandemic; has since been hosting events and private dining evenings on his own. If there is one positive that the Pandemic Covid-19 has brought to our country, I must say that it is a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Andre Hill is no exception!

He has been operating under the label of Afrikan Collection AFK. Baking the most delectable bread and cooking beautiful dishes. On a recent sunny Saturday, Andre Hill served a private birthday party where he wowed his guest with stunning dishes in a lovely setup in Fresnaye. The property he used as his showroom was the lovely Ginger and Lime who opened up their hearts and kitchen and allowed Andre to take over.

Who is Andre Hill, you may wonder? A young who grew up in the Fair Cape, and has been

cooking for 20 years. He prefers referring to himself as a cook and not a chef, but we all know

that the man that serves an amazing meal with quality & finesse needs a bit more respect than that. He started his apprenticeship at the Commodore Hotel and cooked outside of Cape Town in Pretoria, Swaziland, England, and New Zealand. Andre's last full-time job was as part-owner of Upper Bloem, which they named after the street he grew up on. He took his inspiration from the team experienced as part of Cape Town's Cuisine.

His ethos is to consistently be generous with his offer, whether it is the actual food or the effort and quality he puts in it.

Andre believes that good food comes in all shapes and sizes.

Let's have a peek at a few menu items that bowled his guest over

Afk-Afrikan Food Kollective

Snacks On arrival

Smoked potato and leek- roast tomato sauce/ mushroom tartar

Corn-Herb emulsion/corn/ Spiced crumbs/Cabbage


Seed Loaf & Curry vetkoek / Whipped Butter/Pickles/pickled aubergine


Pur Crisp-Smoked snoek/soy reduction/chilli/mint / Quiche-phyllo/pickled fish/avo/aioli

1st course

Mushroom dumplings-Roast garlic & kombu cream/spring onions


Cous cous & split peas- smoked ricotta/tomato smoortjie / curried apricot/puree puffed barley


Beef shortrib- glaze/roast broccoli & puree/dressed turnips/Spiced frikkadel

Triple cooked potatoes- Coconut curry sauce/mint yogurt


Roast pineapple-milk tart cream/ granola/coconut sauce

Petit four

Lemon thyme cinnamon Doughnuts – vanilla & geranium cream

For more information as to how you can get the private Chef to cook for you, contact Andre Hill Via email at

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