When life gives you lemons, make gin & tonic!

Sometimes I have to show gratitude to the worldwide lockdown we had (whist the COVID-19 Pandemic brought upon us- has left deep loss for many of us, I empathize), it gave me more time to venture into certain forms of beverages out of my comfort zone.

Whist coming from a background where Wine and Gin were seldomly or never sought after, I have truly grown fond of these two beverages. My biggest struggle has always been to waiver from what I was taught drinks to be. So I would look for any style as traditional as the first lesson or story I was told. If the recipe read any different I would often find myself cringing.

With the world often changing and the innovation of beverage creators rising I find myself taking my palate on the continued journey too. My latest discovery has brought me to Primos Gin Arandano. "Bottled in a crystal clear French-produced decanter made out of premium quality glass and labeled with a perfectly crafted design on high quality, uncoated paper", it is nice to hold. The vows get better when we add "to have" as the Arandano "blackberry" flavors leave the palate wanting and the mind reminiscent (my personal experience).

Primos translating to First in Italian and cousins in Spanish make the name of the Gin congruous, for this is the first lemon fermented Gin produced in South Africa and so done by cousins Marnus and Rossouw Kruger, who grew up exploring the land together on neighboring citrus farms outside Hoedspruit, 20kms from the Kruger National Park  in South Africa’s lush Limpopo province.

To my newbie Gin drinkers, gin has always been a distilled alcoholic drink that derives its flavors predominantly from Juniper berries however Primos Gin has a difference. "Alternatively to fermenting grain, they ferment lemons produced from their farm to produce the alcohol, which they then double distill with a Brazilian strain of juniper berry. So it’s lemon fermented instead of lemon-infused, with the fruit forming the foundation of the spirit. The result is an inherent lemon flavor, instead of a mere layer on the top. I loved the delicacy of spicy juniper berries and fresh citrus zest, it finishes dry with a well-balanced flavor.

The Gin can be bought directly from their website, The best thing is you will be drinking with/for a cause, by purchasing a bottle of Primos Gin, you contribute R15 to Nkombe Rhino NPC in order for them to “Fight another day” in conserving our wildlife heritage.

You can also find the Primos Gin at Norman Goodfellows

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